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What Makes Us Different

Our Goal - Serving with Excellence

Our vision from the beginning (over 15 years ago and counting) has been to deliver Time Management SAAS solutions that fit our clients’ needs. Unlike so many system installations ( notice we didn’t use the word “implementations”) sold today, we specialize in solutions that meet or exceed our client’s expectations. Too many of our competitor’s installations are “just enough” to get the business rather than doing professional consultation, analysis and execution of the system implementation. This is because there are other HCM modules sold that are the real “bread and butter” of the vendor. Since HCM Time Management is our specialty, our after sale support of our clients also excels compared to the response of our competitor’s.  If your experience with the “Big Box” vendors supports this, let us show you what real customer service is!                                                  You can ask any of our customers!

                                         Integration - A Note on Integrating Our Applications with Yours


In addition to providing solutions for the application areas we list, PeopleForce Solutions either produces or partners with other system integration specialists to build the necessary connections (both single and bi-directional) between Attendance on Demand and your payroll, HR, Scheduling, POS and Security Access system.  These range from simple files (where required) to Web-Services/API connections now common among HCM providers. With over 30 years of Integration experience, we know how to work with other vendors to produce seamless dataflows between systems.  Integration services and the planning for them take the same priority as implementing payrules, attendance policy and reporting and are NOT relegated to “late-term” tasks in the project schedule. In fact, we actually start with the integration requirements and will work backwards to verify that core system components are available and configured correctly. Configuring the system with the end goal in mind is a must!


                                           Implementing Our Solutions – More than a Gantt Chart

Ever notice that software projects always have “organic  scope creep”? If you have experienced previous implementations as being stuck at 90% complete for 80% of the project , let’s talk and show you how we help you avoid project disasters by delivering our solutions on time and on budget.