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Who We Serve

Exceeding Your Expectations

Confident Female Doctor

Long Term Healthcare

Complex Pay Solutions

Basic and Visual Scheduling 

Coverage Calculations

Mobile Employee Access

Payroll Based Journaling


Timesheet Entry
Geo Fencing/Mileage Tracking
Prevailing Wage Rate
Accrual of Benefit Calculations

Big Brother Soccer
Engineers at work


Complex Overtime/Degradation Calculations
Prevaiing Wage Rates
Points/Incidents/Corrective Action Management
FMLA/FSLA  Hours Tracking
Real time KPI's

Educational (K-12)

Seniority Tracking and Reporting
Points/Incidents/Corrective Actions 
FMLA/FSLA  Hours Tracking
Benefit Accrual Tracking and Reporting

Female Soccer Players
Doctor's Visit

Professional Group Practices

Tracking/Allocating Hours by Location

Travel Time Tracking

Punch by Phone

Mobile Access/Scheduling


Employee Scheduling/Schedule Swapping

Mobile Access for Managers, Employees

Benefit Tracking and Accruals

Seaside Resort
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